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“You create the challenge; ASA will create the solution.”

David Gray, ASA Founder

ASA Sponsorship

ASA sponsorship is available at the tournament, league, and “ASA all sport” level, depending upon the level of commitment a company or brand is prepared to make. Because of creative and unique partnerships with organizations such as leagues, associations, tournaments, etc., ASA is capable of providing the highest level of flexibility in developing customized sponsorship and advertising packages that truly speak to specific objectives and needs. ASA solutions can:

ASA Sponsorships Allow You To:
Generate brand awareness and build market share in a key, hard-to-reach demographic
Drive traffic to retail locations.
Strengthen brand image through direct alignment with family-oriented organizations and sports.
Leverage grassroots exposure to reach prospective customers in meaningful, memorable ways.
Conduct sampling programs in a protected environment with guaranteed audience.

To ensure that ASA’s audience accepts and acknowledges the sponsor as a supporter of their personal experiences, ASA makes every attempt to integrate the sponsor into the ASA experience so that good will is cultivated while building strong consumer loyalty.

ASA Sponsorship Benefits

Depending upon the level of support, various ASA sponsorship benefits are available and may include:


ASA Commemorative Destination Guidebook – advertising space, bounce back coupons that can be tracked for ROI using sophisticated bar coding technology, and travel map branding are all available.
Interactive ASA Website Space – make a statement while reaching tens of thousands of athletes and their families monthly. For more information on ASA’s website advertising opportunities, please click here
ASA email and web-based advertising and communications – reach this highly desirable audience through targeted, immediate and cost-effective blasts, e-newsletters and pre-travel notices generated by ASA.
On-Site Tournament Banners– ASA sponsorship may include grass roots, on-site branding opportunities.
Content Sponsorship– become a credible source of information for more than 150,000 ASA Member families while providing a public service to young athletes. Sponsors are needed in the areas of nutrition, exercise, general health, injury avoidance, teenage issues (i.e. stress and time management for teens and families, peer pressure, etc.), drug and alcohol (including tobacco) avoidance, automotive/road safety, entertainment ideas for families, and more.).
On-Site Sampling and Specialty Promotions – deliver a company or brand in a powerful, tangible way to amateur sports audiences at games and tournaments.

Take advantage of the opportunity to reach over a million athletes and families during an average competition cycle. We look forward to working with you to support amateur athletics in the U.S. and Canada!

To view a few sample sponsorship case studies that show how ASA sponsorship benefits and packages can specifically address strategic challenges in the marketplace, please, click here.


For additional information, and to have an ASA sponsorship professional contact you directly to discuss opportunities, please contact or call 800.506.4189 from the US or 888.586.5461 from Canada.


Anne Hewlett, Gamers 12U Gray, Baseball
It was a great experience working with ASA Sports Accommodations. The reservations were simple. The communication was clear, timely, and easy to follow. The employees were friendly and helpful.

The team was very happy with our hotel. It was clean, the breakfast was good, and the employees were nice and helpful.

Thank you for your assistance in planning our tournament accommodations.
Steve Taylor, East Cobb Rays 16U, Baseball
You guys saved me twice this year!!! I will recommend your group to the next travel manager for this team.
Jenna Depasquale, Clarence Cardinals 11U, Baseball
Excellent. Great follow-up and service all around. Saved me a ton of work.
Edward Royko, Copperheads Baseball 18U, Baseball
Excellent as usual.
Vanice Williams, Sox Youth Baseball 12U, Baseball
ASA very helpful and the follow up prompt.