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Sponsorship Case Studies

Through its innovative sponsorship and advertising programs, ASA strives to provide cost-effective and sound solutions to address sponsors’ objectives and needs.  Each and every day, we talk and – more importantly – listen to companies, marketers, and brand managers as they share their challenges in the market place (i.e. reaching the hard-to-reach active youth and family segments), and ASA develop ways in which we can help them achieve their objectives.  Here is a sampling of the challenges, and the sponsorship program that ASA can develop to address the challenge head on:

New Product Launch or Test

Sponsor Category:  Consumer Packaged Goods and/or Snack Foods
Challenge:  Pinpointing children and teens that are pre-disposed towards consuming healthy snack foods dues to their level of activity, enrollment in organized amateur athletics, etc.  Also need to make sure that parents are exposed to the product and message so that future purchases are ensured through multiple preference points.
ASA Solution:  Infiltrate communities through major level amateur sports tournaments and leagues so that product is distributed on-site, sampled, and special offers to drive future purchases are directly passed on to qualified consumers.  How?  Through ASA’s growing network of community partners (leagues, teams, associations, and tournaments), an aggressive sampling and distribution program is scheduled and implemented using a combination of brand street teams and local volunteers.  Special offers are distributed on-site, included in official Commemorative Destination Guides, and available to ASA Members through a special benefits download area on the ASA website.

Need to Increase Sales & Sales Opportunities

Sponsor Category:  Automotive
Challenge:  Increase Test Drives and Sales at a regional dealership level while strengthening the brand message and/or announcing new model releases.
ASA Solution:  ASA will develop a test drive/sales referral program that will drive serious traffic to your dealers in the defined areas by providing incentives that will benefit the teams, leagues and/or tournaments directly should the families purchase new or used vehicles.  Let ASA design a promotions program that is permission-based, relevant, and communicated on multiple levels so that the ROI puts a smile on your dealers’ faces.  The dealers win, your brand wins, and the athletes and families win.  That’s the test of a really good promotions program – does everyone come out ahead in the end?

Troubled or Embattled Brand Needs to Redefine Image

Sponsor Category:  Sadly, this applies to all categories, but some more than others.  For instance, alcohol and tobacco companies, companies that have merged or acquired a hometown favorite, etc
Challenge:  Distraught consumers don’t forget easy.  Nor are they likely to change their opinions on a dime.  This situation requires a comprehensive brand effort that involves every facet of the business and its internal and external communications, but especially public relations, community relations, sponsorship, and advertising.  On all fronts, the message must be sincere and clear, unwavering yet kind, and communicate to consumers in a real way.
ASA Solution:  Take your message to the streets – directly to the children, youth and families that are impacted by your company or brand on a daily basis.  If you are an alcohol company, then partner with ASA because we need to constantly remind our children that drinking underage and driving under the influence are crimes in terms of the law and – most importantly – in terms of the lives it can deprive the world of when tragedies happen.  ASA Members represent a future generation of leaders… who better to send this message to than the leaders of tomorrow?  Tobacco companies – do what’s right and inform ASA’s Members of the dangers of smoking and chewing tobacco products.  ASA can communicate a positive, appropriate message to its audience down to the most local level so that everyone benefits.  Let us help you do the right thing, and send the right message in a relevant, powerful way.

If you have specific challenges that you would like to share, and you’d like to hear how ASA can help your company or brand, please click here  or contact .


Anne Hewlett, Gamers 12U Gray, Baseball
It was a great experience working with ASA Sports Accommodations. The reservations were simple. The communication was clear, timely, and easy to follow. The employees were friendly and helpful.

The team was very happy with our hotel. It was clean, the breakfast was good, and the employees were nice and helpful.

Thank you for your assistance in planning our tournament accommodations.
Steve Taylor, East Cobb Rays 16U, Baseball
You guys saved me twice this year!!! I will recommend your group to the next travel manager for this team.
Jenna Depasquale, Clarence Cardinals 11U, Baseball
Excellent. Great follow-up and service all around. Saved me a ton of work.
Edward Royko, Copperheads Baseball 18U, Baseball
Excellent as usual.
Vanice Williams, Sox Youth Baseball 12U, Baseball
ASA very helpful and the follow up prompt.